The Manifest-Station~I Have Done Love

An Excerpt From ~ Be Love

"I just came to the library to write. I see this man standing
and looking at some books. He has a sign on his chest that
says 'Be Love.' I ask him if I can take a picture and he
happily obliges. I turn around to get some money in my
wallet (he’s homeless, that much was evident. There are
a lot of homeless that hang out at the Santa Monica
library.) I turn back around and he’s taken the sign off.
“Pictures free” he says “but you have to wear this for 2
hours. I’m David, what’s your name?” I ask him to tie it
around my neck. He says if anyone asks me what it’s about
to tell them “It’s a demand.” I gave him a hug and two
bucks and went up the stairs to write. The smiles I got as
I walked to my little table by the window. Be love, be love,
be love. Part of my book talks about the messengers in
our lives.  David was one such messenger indeed.

Be love. Pass it on."
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