Manifestation Yoga
Jennifer Pastiloff
Retreat IV Ojai July 2011-Memory Photo Album
Tons of Summer Fun!!
Cooking Class
With Chef
Caspar July
2011 Ojai

I knew that day that I took your class at Equinox that I
had to talk to you, I felt drawn to your positive, free
spirited energy! After the 15min or so we spent chatting, I
felt like I had known you for years. You have the ability to
make people feel comfortable, open and loved. Which is
exactly how you manifested such an amazing group of
people to attend your Ojai retreat, who share the same
abilities. Everyone was so open and present, it was
beautiful! I can without a doubt say that I have made
friends for life!

After experiencing this amazing weekend full of bliss,
I too have realized that I want to live my life everyday as
a retreat. I don't ever want this feeling to end!  I am
manifesting a lucrative and emotionally fulfilling career in
which I am surrounded with positive and genuine people.
As well as courage, love, happiness and acceptance.

The happiness that I felt from this past weekend has
given me the strength to really focus on finding that
fulfillment, whatever it might be.  Thank you so much
for creating a yoga practice that encompasses all that
you believe in and that you make your own. Thank you
for bringing together some of the most interesting,
amazing, loving and genuine people (including yourself)
that I have ever met for a weekend of pure bliss! Thank
you for being such an inspiration! You inspire me to
find my passion and live it! I want to pinch myself
one day and say, "I can't believe this is my life."
Thank you for showing me that is possible!


If you are looking for a wonderful, down-to-earth and
inspiring yoga instructor, look no further... Jennifer
Pastiloff is an outstanding find among the plethora
of yoga options available in southern California. I've
never felt the dread that comes with the idea of a
workout when in one of her classes, only pure
enjoyment and satisfaction, which in my experience
are both hard to find in yoga classes on the westside.

I just returned from a Jennifer Pastiloff retreat in
Ojai, California and had one of the most fulfilling
and clarifying experiences in my life. Jen is a true
leader, while remaining humble and unpretentious,
she can inspire many although you feel like she is
only focused on you.

If you are lucky to take a class with Jennifer, you will
find you'll leave with a smile that will linger for the
rest of the day...   Melissa
Yummy, Yummy, Yummy I Got Food
In My Tummy.....Holding hands and giving thanks
before eating.
We love the food and the love
you put into it
Chef Caspar.
"I am honored to have you prepare
all the meals for my Ojai retreats"-Jen
Side-trip to
the local town
of Ojai during
the retreat
our Singer /
Sarah Agajanian
Jen & Husband Robert Teleghany
Picking flowers for salad.
Cooking Class with Chef Caspar

Pastel Gift to Jen by David Romero
July Retreat 2011
to September retreat in Ojai!
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Winner announced soon keep re-tweeting..-Winner is!!! Rachael Rendon of LA
You could be the next winner at the Spring Retreat in May!!!
Some of the group last day
The Yurt
Thank you to Allyn Cioban
for your assistance.
Randy Bruck
The Maibu Healer
-Massage Therapist
Some of the group on the last day
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