Manifestation Yoga
Retreat III 3 Day Winter Retreat
Ojai, California  Feb 2011
"We were blessed with a wonderful mixture of rainfall
and sunshine in beautiful Ojai"- Barbara P

Absolutely Perfect!! We had a lot of indoor fun!!
Vision board party, dance party, Kirtan, yoga, letting go,
cooking class, making new friends, conversation,
meditation, manifestation, massage, relaxation
& hiking when the sun came out on Sunday!
We Celebrated Two Happy Birthdays
Christopher & Corliss Shared Their Special Day With Us
Thank you to my team. I love you all-Heather Wielgos,
Randy Bruck, Caspar Poyck w/Raven Marie, Joey Chella Soto &
Barbara Manuel Potter!!! Thank you everyone who shared in this
amazing weekend. Words cannot describe how full my heart is.
I love you!-Jen
"The still life for life"
With great thanks to our
dear Chef Caspar
The sun shining on our "birthday
boy" Christopher.
Concert in town with the locals
Peacefully sleeping in the Yurt
Sunday after the rain....magnificent sky
Chef Caspar Teaching
His cooking class is a guide to your own
creations following the principles of

Consciously Culinary
"Oh,...and no need to be too serious !"
Chef Caspar
View from the bed in the screened-in sleeping porch....2nd
floor....Watching the rain and listening to the birds....Just like
camping out....Fun....Barbara P
Spring is peeking it's way through
the winter in Ojai

How did you know this was just what I needed?
A weekend of surprising truth . xoxo Julie
Yay Jen! This place is
magical and your energy
is the pixie dust that
makes it come alive!
Thank you so, so much
for your cool, casual,
spiritual sherpa who is
guiding us all to our
manifestations. What a
cool journey! In
You changed my life!!
I feel as though you are
an angel put into my life
for a reason. I gained
more clarity
this weekend about
what I will manifest
in my life. You are
love and love is yoga.
God got you exactly
right, as he does
Jen ,
Thank you so much for this
wonderful experience. It's a
perfect blend of spiritual
adventure, fun, and joyous
laughter. It was nice to get
back to me for a minute.
Thank you so much for
"cracking" my hard shell and
allowing me to emerge. You
are gifted and beautiful.
xo Amanda
Jen, My lovely
inspiration kitten!
Thank you from the
depths of my heart
for this retreat. I
love you and can't
wait until the next
time I get to sit with
your beautiful self
and share energy
with you.

Jen, Thank you for one
of the most liberating,
positive, tranquil, amazing
weekends I have ever had
in my life! You are such an
amazing person and
teacher. I love your
energy. Thank you for a
much needed vacation.
Your'e amazing
because.... you are YOU!
Love, Hollie

What an absolute joy to meet
you and experience your
manifestation/yoga retreat. I
loved everything about it and
I feel truly blessed and
energized! I met such an
amazing group of people,
had wonderful
conversations and
connections- all of it way
exceeded my
expectations! See you in
July at the next retreat!

Thank you for the wonderful weekend. I enjoyed
all of you and I really like your Mom too.  You are
doing wonderful work Jenn.  
Our two great massage
Randy & Heather
Thank you to Joey Chella Soto
For Your Assistance
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"Jennifer Pastiloff is no ordinary yoga
teacher. She infuses her classes with the
scents of sage and lavender and the
sounds of rock n'  roll music and laughter.  
She makes kicking your butt seem fun!
And having been to her manifestation
workshops and retreats I can say
she will inspire you and even turn your
life around if you will let her.
She did it for me.

Then she'll ply you with wine and chocolate.
It really doesn't get better
than that!"


Laura Donnelly
Feb Winter Retreat 2011
co-star of new ABC
upcoming drama
"Missing" starring Ashley Judd!