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Jen's Manifestation Yoga Retreat
Ojai California March 2010

Jennifer Pastiloff
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Manifestation Yoga Retreats Ojai, California

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Yoga Santa Monica Jennifer Pastiloff
Jen Pastiloff Yoga Retreats
Thank you all for an incredible time
together. The retreat has given me
many insights. I hope it was just
as special for you all.

I am so blissed out and
happy and grateful from
an amazing weekend. To
all of those who came on
my Ojai retreat:
I love you.
Thank you!
Missing Susan and Steve but this was our group

Thank you Chef Caspar of Consciously
for the most amazing food and
company. We love you! We absolutely
love you.-Jen
Musician and Sound Therapist Fawntice McCain
offered healing with her ancient Tibetan Singing
Bowls onSaturday Night.
Thank you, Fawntice
Words cannot express the gratitude in my heart
I feel for you, this weekend, and this experience.
Thank you for a life-changing weekend, for all the
love you poured in it. You were glowing the entire
"Bliss, pure bliss"-Chelsea
Somewhere over the rainbow in Ojai, Ca..
And this was the "winter retreat"
Wow. I'm so glad that I went...I can't wait for an excuse to go
BACK! :)-Susan
Thank you our fearless leader. Your efforts
shown a bright light on Earth for a great
minute. Thank you.
- Jim
A local shop in the town of Ojai
"Every single person who's drifted in and out of your life is a part of
your Divinely chosen experience. As you move into the world of
inspiration, you'll find it easy--and even necessary--to give thanks for
all of these people, and to take serious note of what they brought you." -
Dr. Wayne Dyer
In Town
Muchos gratitude
for a fabulous
weekend filled
with special
people, lots of
healing yoga,
healing food and
healing wine!! :)
Ahhh,  Massage
Randy Bruck