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Photo Album - Comments June/July 2012

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"After your first workshop in Philly
I made a vision board. I have many things
on it. The one thing I put on it was the
pamphlet of your Tuscany  retreat.
And guess what?
It came true!

I just wanted to thank you for
the amazing trip to Italy!"


The following is a gorgeous post by my dear friend Sara
Lieberman author of the upcoming "The Handbags Tale".

I met Sara last year when I taught my Manifestation workshop
in NYC and she joined me on my Italy retreat this past July.
This post is a testament as to what goes down at one of
my retreats. I could not have written it better myself!
It’s such an honor that she wrote this.

Thank you Sara. Thank you. See you all in Italy!
Awe & Wonder 2012 by Sara Lieberman
A Testament To All Things Italian

Please read and follow this wonderful blog
"Red Dirt Lattes" by Sabrina LLoyd, actor,
photographer, writer, mother & world
traveler. Her photographs are spectacular
and her writing will capture your attention.
She joined us at Ebbio for the retreat and
these two posts with amazing photographs
she shared after the trip.

Doves & Flowers & A Tuscan Cat
Tuscan Twisting Pt.2

Important: Do not book your return flight home for the
same day the retreat ends.
You will be driven to the Siena Train Station somewhere around
10 or 11 a.m after a light breakfast on departure day.
The times can vary and are only approximate. The departure
airports are a distance from the retreat (up to 3 hours by train)
and most flights to the USA leave in the early morning. Take
some time to explore the towns you are departing from
before the day of your return flight and spend the a
night or two there to enjoy more of Italy.

Amo l'Italia