Jennifer Pastiloff "On Being Human"
What Is A Retreat?
A time to stop and rest & reflect so you can go on again. Come with us and enjoy the beautiful Tuscan countryside,
wonderful food, yoga, journaling-looking inside, meditation & manifestation. Renew yourself, refresh yourself,
enjoy yourself.
~Manifest Your Dreams Under The Tuscan Sun~
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Join Jennifer Pastiloff of Manifestation Yoga® at her famous Tuscany Retreat
(now at a new location starting 2016) on an excursion to Italy for yoga classes-Manifestation
Workshops/journaling for all levels, delicious food, wine, seeing the gorgeous countryside
and whatever else your heart may desire. These classes are more than asana. It is not
your typical yoga retreat. La Dolce Vita!

This is a dream come true for us for the 10th time. Blending authentic Tuscany with mind, body and soul.

Included - Transfer by group to and from The Florence Train Station, Jennifer's Workshops & Yoga
Classes On Most Days according to the day trips. * 3 Meals Per Day Buffet Style With Filtered Water, House Wine
During Dinner & Lunch Only, Coffee & Tea and fresh Fresh Fruit.  A trip to Siena on Wednesday Market Day
Where you Can Buy Clothing From Vendors Cash Only Euro, A Dinner Pizza Party handmade in a 200
year old pizza oven on premises, a Tuscan Cooking Class On Premises & Maybe Another Ancient Town visit.
There will be a fun Sunday night wine tasting in the wine cellar where wine will be available for
purchase after. (Optional Horseback riding is available from a local ranch for 4 people at a time at your
expense. They will pick you up. *During full excursion day trips off-site your lunch is not included.
It is self-catered. There is also hiking the countryside at your leisure & swimming in pool if warm.

Jennifer reserves the right to make changes to the above regarding trips/excursions/activities.

Don't Forget to Bring: Medium Size Suitcase Check-In Size (Not Large)

- Valid Passport-

- Comfortable clothing for yoga and movement-
- Slip-on shoes for indoors-
(Shoes are not permitted in Yoga Studio)

-Walking shoes and clothing for outdoors, horseback riding & hiking
trails, sunscreen, hat and sunglasses-

- Camera, extra batteries & chargers-

~Toiletries shampoo & conditioner & any medicines you may need~

-Casual clothes for any excursions
you may take-

-Bathing suit if the water is warm enough for the pool, (sunscreen, hat, sandals, water shoes,
flip flops etc.)- There is a pool if the weather is warm enough you can swim or just sit
around and enjoy.

~Save room in your luggage for any clothing you may buy while there~

(Typically the airlines allow one free bag to check-in on International
flights unless that changes before
September. )

(Filtered water on premises)

-Italian AC adapter (for 220V compatible electronics)-

-Insect repellent-

-The Locanda provides linen and towels.-

-Sheets are the same for 1 week. There is a change of towels in mid-week.-

-Yoga Mats Are Provided-

-A Journal for Jen's Classes-

~Your Happy Face & A Sense of Humor~
Contact Barbara For More Info
702-524-5686 or
Email & Mark Tuscany Retreat Fall 2018
Jennifer Pastiloff's
Manifestation Yoga Retreats

Gratuities & Other Info
Taxes are included however gratuities for housekeepers
can be given on the departure day if you like.
Please use your cell phone in the privacy of your own room.  
Wifi Is Available
Check with your cell phone provider before going to make sure you
are signed up for International Service and Data Plans.

The retreat is a smoke-free environment. Strong synthetic fragrances,
perfumes and colognes are not permitted as others may not be able to tolerate them.
Funds In Italy
You can exchange your US Dollars for euro in Siena, Rome or Florence at banks.
Note: The exchange rates change all the time
Some credit cards do not charge fees for shopping in Italy-check with your bank.  Most other cards do as much as
5% fee.  Please remember that cash in euro is what is accepted in most places especially the outdoor vendors in Siena
on Market Day. Restaurants & stores accept cards. Check with your bank to see if they have a sister bank in Italy.
Usually you can withdraw euro from your account with no fee with your ATM card at one of those places.

You can fly into Rome or Florence or Pisa. You will be picked up at the Florence Train Station on
8th by group. 12:30, 3:30 or 4:30. You will be dropped off at the Florence Train Station late morning
on October
15th.  It is best to spend a few days in Florence or wherever you might like to visit before
your flight home. We cannot guarantee you will make a flight booked for the same day departure.
Please do not book your return flight home for October
15th, 2017. If you cannot be there for the
pick ups we can arrange a service to get you at your expense. It is a 1.5 hour trip to the retreat.

Note: Please Read Contract, Sign &  Fax to: 661 825-8104 or Scan & Email
The Consent Contract Must Be Returned For You To Be Able To Attend The Retreat

Note: Please Read Contract, Sign &  Fax to: 1661 825-8104 or Scan & Email
The Consent Contract Must Be Returned For You To Be Able To Attend The Retreat.
The balance after your non-refundable
$500 deposit is due no later than
60 days before the start date of the retreat. Check is preferred.
The due date for balance is no later than
July 10th, 2018.

If you are out of the country and/or need to pay with a credit/debit card please add a $125
convenience fee to your balance due. You may also get a money order from your bank in
US dollars only and mail to Jennifer Pastiloff c/o Barbara Potter, P O Box 1567,
Tehachapi, Ca 93581. No fee required.
Note: - If you are sending secured mail please put Barbara Potter "only" on the
envelope only as it has to be signed for. Do not put the name Barbara Potter on the
check or money order.

The non-refundable, non-transferable deposit is due in order for us to book your space.
The balance is due no later than 60 days before the start date of the retreat or we will
consider your deposit as forfeit.

If you book within the 60 days before the retreat start date
the payment in full which includes the $500 non-transferable, non-refundable
deposit is due upon booking. No refunds are available during this time.

Balance Payment can be sent directly through Paypal to
with the $125 convenience fee added
. All payments must be sent in US funds only.
Payments Made After The 60 Day Period Before The Start Date Are Non-refundable/Non-transferable.
There is a 60 day cancellation period. Firm Policy.
Note - Travel Insurance Is Required
Summer Writing/Yoga Retreat in Tuscany, Italy September 8th to September 15th, 2018
Shared Rooms Are For Women Only
(Male/Female Couples or Males - Private Rooms Only - Please Inquire..)
Note:Please email and let Jennifer & Barbara know why you would like to attend.

Nessuna Preoccupazione.  (No worries in English)
If you don't have a friend to travel with no problem. There are many wonderful people
who travel alone to this retreat as well as friends coming together.  Please come along, enjoy and
make new friends. Jennifer's space creates a warm and welcoming atmosphere for everyone.
Connections are always magical at her retreats.

Important: Do not book your return flight home for the same day the retreat
ends. You will be driven to the Florence Train Station in the morning after a light
breakfast on departure day. The airports are a distance from the retreat and most flights
leave in the early morning.

Take some time to explore the towns you are flying out of before the day of your return flight and spend a
night or two there. This is Italy!! Helpful tip:  If you are planning on visiting Florence after the retreat
fly into Florence or if you plan on visiting Rome after the retreat fly into Rome the same with Pisa.
Your pick-up and drop-off will be in Florence. You can get there by train or bus from Rome or
Pisa easily.

"I can't say enough good things about Jennifer Pastiloff and the Italy Manifesting Retreat I went to in
September. It was such a great experience for me and something I will carry with me for a lifetime. It was a
complete microcosm of what is good, combining people, environment, food, and baby love, Charlie! We connected
in ways none of us expected, and it was done so beautifully, simply and in such an organic way, the impression
was inedible. If you are in a position to ask yourself some questions about what the hell you're doing here, and
are prepared for some pretty simple, beautiful answers, you should think about doing this. Jen also travels
extensively and does 1 and 2 day workshops all over the country. Did I mention there was wine? Oh yeah,
there was wine too. And pasta. And we went to Siena. On market day." #beautyhunting #badassmanifesters
Catherine Fox  - Tuscany 2016 Locanda Cugnanello

"I wish I had the poetic words to describe you beautiful human Jen Pastiloff Taleghany , I don't really do poems but I will try to give
you my deepest echoes of my heart. The care in which you hold people in this world is a gift from the divine, it's as if you hold all
of our hearts and massage them until they have softened enough so that we may take them back , and go into the world so that we
manifest our lives, so that we may love, so that we may live in compassion for ourselves and others. You are love, you are
compassion, you are grace.

Thank you for the beautiful gift of your presence in Italy, allowing my heart to be massaged and cared for by a group of loving,
safe, kind, beautiful individuals. I am forever changed. ❤️���� I love you"
Jennifer Lovely Pilates Tuscany 2016 Locanda Cugnanello

"I know people use the term “Life Changing” all the time. But for me, Jen’s Tuscany retreat actually transformed my life.
It was the perfect combination of the “kick in the ass” and the “overwhelming sense of love” that I needed to heal from my
past and finally let it go to move on to a life I couldn’t possibly have imagined for myself. Being new to yoga and meditation,
I was a bit nervous about that aspect of the retreat but both Jen and Cherry made me feel so comfortable and the lovely Ebbio
farmhouse was filled with 25 of the most amazingly supportive and non-judgmental women I have ever met! This is truly the
essence of Jen’s retreats. Somehow she knows how to bring together the perfect combination of beautiful souls and fosters this
unexplainable connection & love amongst everyone. Add in the amazing location and staff (and animals) of Ebbio and you have one
freaking amazing week! A week filled with yoga, meditation, writing, lots of ‘aha’ moments, crying, connecting, laughing, relaxing,
sightseeing, delicious meals (oh the pastas and cheese!) and did I mention crying! After the second day, I felt drained and even
stated that I had purged and couldn't possibly have any more tears to shed, and then damn it if Jen didn't find a way at the next session
(and every session after) to get me to pull back another layer! I cannot thank Jen and her mom, Barb, enough for the experience and
transformation the Tuscany retreat provided. My best way to show my gratitude is to pay it forward and I will do whatever I can to
keep this light that you lit inside me glowing and spread it wherever my path shall lead me! "
Love, Rosanne Cicanese xoxo Tuscany 2015 Ebbio

"I've been practicing yoga for 20 years. Along the way, I've had some pretty remarkable teachers.
But, I can say I've had none like Jen.  Not knowing what to expect, I hopped a train in Rome (where
I currently live) and headed up to Tuscany for her retreat on the recommendation of a friend.

I headed into class expecting all the normal twisting and adjustments, but what I got was so much more. She
takes you to another place entirely. Yoga for me has always been grounding, a place to struggle and rest, to
release and search. Jen gave me all that and also made it fun like only Jen can. You may walk in with
an ego, but you won’t walk out with one. What she’ll leave you with instead is pure joy.”
Sabrina Lloyd  Actor, Writer - Tuscany 2013 Ebbio

*Cancellation by Traveler
The deposit in not refunded or transferred firm policy.

All monies received, above the non-refundable, non-transferable deposit, will be refunded if
the cancellation is made
before July 10th, 2018.  If the client cancels
after July 10th, 2018, or if the client does not show up, or leaves
early for any reason no credit or refund is available.

Different fees may apply to airline tickets depending on the carrier being used. You are
strongly advised to take out cancellation insurance at the time of booking which will
cover your cancellation penalties in some situations if you are coming to the retreat.

Please be sure your trip insurance also covers the
cost of the retreat as well. The airline
insurance typically covers only the flight. This is very important. Trip Insurance is required.

If you leave a trip for any reason after it has commenced or choose not to attend
a scheduled event there will be no refunds for unused services. Again,
cancellation insurance may reimburse you for early departure
under certain circumstances.
Jen in Tuscany September 2015 - Image Joe Longo
For more pictures of Locanda Cugnanello
please go to our
Facebook Album.

This is our 10th retreat to Tuscany.

Photo Album from Tuscany September 2017

With great devotion they have recently fully restored a historic residence
and transformed it into a charming villa. It is run by our dear friend
Marion Reidmiller:

Address: Localitä Cugnanello SNC, Solaio
Location: 53030 Radicondoli (Siena)
Tel: +39/0577791031
Mobile: +39/3270318100
This is a centuries old estate that has been lovingly refurbished.
There are beautiful windows to open. There is no a/c except for the yoga room.
There are stairs and no elevators.
This is Historic Tuscany
Accommodations - See Images
(Note - First floor is not ground floor in Europe there are steps see pictures)

Giacinta Suite First Floor See Above (There Are Stairs) - Available 2 or 3 people
Two Private Bedrooms In Suite (Each room has it's own door.)
Shared Bath in private hall for both bedrooms.
1st Bedroom Extra Large With Canopied King Bed
$3700 Single Occupancy - $2900 Each Double Occupancy
2nd Bedroom Smaller with King Bed
$3500 Single Occupancy Only

First Floor
  • 4 Private Rooms With Bath & King Bed  - 3 Available
$3600 Single Occupancy - $2800 Each Double Occupancy

Second Floor
  • 1 Large Private Room With Bath & King Bed
$3700 Single Occupancy - $2800 Each Double Occupancy

  • Deluxe Junior Suite Private Room With King Bed, Living Room & Bath
$3800 Single Occupancy - $2900 Each Double Occupancy

  • 3 Rooms Double Occupancy With Two Twin Beds Each Room
Each Room Has Private Bath - $2800 Each Person (6 people) - 2 Rooms Available
  • Junior Suite  - 2 Shared Rooms & Shared Bath ( 3 People)
1 Attached Bedroom With 2 Twin Beds - Available
$2800 Each Person -- Available
1 Attached Bedroom Step-up With Sofa & 1 Twin Bed $2800 - Available

Once you send in a deposit a contract must be signed, filled out and returned by fax or email
for you to be able to attend.
Note-Travel Insurance Is Required
There Will Be A Private Page On
Facebook So Our Group Can Get To Know Each Other
Before, Make Pre-Retreat Plans & Stay In Touch After