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"Jennifer is an awesome creature. I was like four
planks of wood nailed together haphazardly before
I started with her and she has somehow fashioned
rubber from wood. We'll, I can touch my toes now
anyway. As patient and delightful a teacher and
person you could hope for.

She's deaf as a post though so be prepared for
some confusing discussions whilst in down

If she can fix me she
can fix anyone."

Gary Lightbody- Snow Patrol
Manifestation Yoga Jennifer Pastiloff Santa Monica
Jennifer Pastiloff & Dr Wayne Dyer

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The incredibly popular Manifest-Station features
essays that matter, from thought provoking to gut
wrenching, we have it all. Spend some time there
and be amazed.

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Dr Wayne Dyer!
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Q&A Series. A Dream Come True
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"Thank you, Jennifer for
shining your light on mine."
Christy Turlington Burns-Founder
"Every Mother Counts"

"Every Body Counts"
Essay by Jennifer Pastiloff

"Every Body Counts"
Video Chat with Jennifer &
Christy Turlington Burns
Jennifer Pastiloff & Christy Turlington Burns

"You’re a beautiful force for
good in the world,
Jen. I’m proud to know you."
Dani Shapiro - Author
"Still Writing
" & "Devotion"

Poet Naomi Shihab Nye
"I am a fan
of Jennifer Pastiloff
and her blog!"
Jennifer Pastiloff Manifestation Yoga Retreat Ojai Ca Oct 2012

Cameron Diaz's "The Body
"It's Going To Be Alright On
Conquering Anorexia And
Self Loathing" -  
Essay by Jennifer Pastiloff

Featured On Oprah.com
5 People to Forgive Before
the Year Ends by Amy Shearn
Writer and teacher Jennifer Pastiloff has a
great post about taking things personally on
her site,
The Manifest-Station,
in which she writes, "I want to have
lived. Having said that,
I want to decide what gets my
goat. I want to decide what
makes  fall on the floor in a heap
and I'll be damned if it's
going to be someone asking
me if  I am pregnant because
I look fat in  a photograph.
read more....

Actress Carrie-Ann Moss
Interviews Jennifer Pastiloff

"Portrait of the Annapurna Woman is an
ongoing series featuring divine women who
embody the nurturing spirit of Annapurna
Living. Today we are excited to share Yogi,
author & speaker, Jennifer Pastiloff."

Gina Frangello
(Sunday editor of
The Rumpus) says:
"Jennifer Pastiloff
has become one of our
most powerful and
intimate Sunday Rumpus
essay contributors. This
just knocked me over--so
honored and proud to
publish  Jen's work".

The Sunday Rumpus Essay:
9/25/14 A Review On Jen's Workshop:
Not Just For The Ladies



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How To Manifest Under The Tuscan Sun With Jen Pastiloff - Lexi Weber - Tuscany Retreat 2016 - Blog Post

Donna Kenny - Up On The Roof - Tuscany Retreat 2015 - Blog Post

France May 2018  - Sold Out
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Santa Monica May 2015
Rest In Peace My Beloved Teacher
Dr. Wayne Dyer


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The Saturday Rumpus Interview:
Jen Pastiloff

By Arielle Bernstein
January 2nd, 2016

I am good at making people feel
safe. ...

Written describing one
person's experience at
Jen and Lidia's
first retreat together.
Writing & The Body
January 2015.
A wonderful essay by
Elaine Gale for:
Soul Growth Radio:

Confessions Of A
Spiritualist? Going
To The Mat
Somewhere Over The Rainbow Tuscany Retreat 2016

I can't say enough good things about Jennifer Pastiloff and the Italy Manifesting Retreat I went to in
September. It was such a great experience for me and something I will carry with me for a lifetime. It was a
complete microcosm of what is good, combining people, environment, food, and baby love, Charlie! We
connected in ways none of us expected, and it was done so beautifully, simply and in such an organic way,
theimpressionwas inedible. If you are in a position to ask yourself some questions about what the hell you're
doing here, and are prepared for some pretty simple, beautiful answers, you should think about doing this. Jen
also travelsextensively and does 1 and 2 day workshops all over the country. Did I mention there was wine? Oh
yeah,there was wine too. And pasta. And we went to Siena. On market day." #beautyhunting #badassmanifesters
Catherine Fox  - Tuscany 2016 Locanda Cugnanello - Radicondoli

"I wish I had the poetic words to describe you beautiful human Jen Pastiloff Taleghany , I don't really do poems but I will try to
giveyou my deepest echoes of my heart. The care in which you hold people in this world is a gift from the divine, it's as if you
hold allof our hearts and massage them until they have softened enough so that we may take them back , and go into the world
so that wemanifest our lives, so that we may love, so that we may live in compassion for ourselves and others. You are love, you
compassion, you are grace.

Thank you for the beautiful gift of your presence in Italy, allowing my heart to be massaged and cared for by a group of loving,
safe, kind, beautiful individuals. I am forever changed. ❤️���� I love you"
Jennifer Lovely Pilates - Tuscany 2016 Locanda Cugnanello- Radicondoli

"I know people use the term “Life Changing” all the time. But for me, Jen’s Tuscany retreat actually transformed my life.
It was the perfect combination of the “kick in the ass” and the “overwhelming sense of love” that I needed to heal from my
past and finally let it go to move on to a life I couldn’t possibly have imagined for myself. Being new to yoga and meditation,
I was a bit nervous about that aspect of the retreat but both Jen and Cherry made me feel so comfortable and the lovely Ebbio
farmhouse was filled with 25 of the most amazingly supportive and non-judgmental women I have ever met! This is truly the
essence of Jen’s retreats. Somehow she knows how to bring together the perfect combination of beautiful souls and fosters this
unexplainable connection & love amongst everyone. Add in the amazing location and staff (and animals) of Ebbio and you have one
freaking amazing week! A week filled with yoga, meditation, writing, lots of ‘aha’ moments, crying, connecting, laughing, relaxing,
sightseeing, delicious meals (oh the pastas and cheese!) and did I mention crying! After the second day, I felt drained and even
stated that I had purged and couldn't possibly have any more tears to shed, and then damn it if Jen didn't find a way at the next
session(and every session after) to get me to pull back another layer! I cannot thank Jen and her mom, Barb, enough for the
experience & transformation the Tuscany retreat provided. My best way to show my gratitude is to pay it forward and I will do
whatever I can tokeep this light that you lit inside me glowing and spread it wherever my path shall lead me! "
Love, Rosanne Cicanese xoxo -  Tuscany 2015 Ebbio - Monteriggioni

"I've been practicing yoga for 20 years. Along the way, I've had some pretty remarkable teachers.
But, I can say I've had none like Jen.  Not knowing what to expect, I hopped a train in Rome (where
I currently live) and headed up to Tuscany for her retreat on the recommendation of a friend.

I headed into class expecting all the normal twisting and adjustments, but what I got was so much more. She
takes you to another place entirely. Yoga for me has always been grounding, a place to struggle and rest, to
release and search. Jen gave me all that and also made it fun like only Jen can. You may walk in with
an ego, but you won’t walk out with one. What she’ll leave you with instead is pure joy.”
Sabrina Lloyd  Actor, Writer - Tuscany 2013 Ebbio - Monterggioni
Tuscany Retreat 2016

There are no words to accurately describe how incredible Jen Pastiloff Taleghany's was.
Here are a few that come close: life-changing, inspirational, safe, supportive, loved, fun, silly, dance
party madness, new family, baby Charlie love, healing, breathtaking, community, addictive.
I'm honored to have been able to spend the week with Jen & the amazing group of women (& Rich) that
came together to be vulnerable & trust their hearts to a room full of strangers. Jen created a soft place for
each of us to share & explore the (sometimes) dark & (often) hidden places that hold us back from living
in the light of our truest selves.

I fell madly in love with each of these lovely souls & can't wait until our paths cross again!

Thank you Jen, for the work you do, so graciously, so honestly, & so lovingly. See you in Sept!

Maria McCord -  Tuscany 2016 - Locanda Cugnanelo - Radicondoli

Rituals Make Us Human

At least once, I'd recently heard, everybody should travel solo. Hearing this statement several months after
booking my trip to Jennifer Pastiloff's Manifesting in Tuscany retreat (yup, all the way to Italy), I wondered if I'd had
such advice earlier, perhaps I wouldn't have waited so long to travel overseas! The timing was particularly favorable,
however, as I'd been suffering a plague of self-doubt. Writing and creativity had come to a halt over the summer.

Which may beg the question, why go to a retreat? Well, a standard definition for a retreat is to withdraw, especially after a defeat.
We may go to a retreat for all sorts of personal reasons; reflection, rest, rejuvenation, connection, or combination of these.
And if we're ready, what happens? Dread, fear, and doubt take a back seat. We're opened. We expand.

Read More Of This Great Blog Post Regarding Jennifer's Tuscany Retreat 2016 by....
Monica Sword - Tuscany 2016 Locanda Cugnanello - Radicondoli

This past month, I had the unbelievable pleasure of attending Jennifer Pastiloff's manifestation and yoga retreat in Tuscany, Italy. For me,
this experience was life changing, life affirming, full of incredible epiphanies and new discoveries about my self and my perception of the world
around me. Jen is a powerful being who creates an unbelievable experience/environment for which you can achieve immense personal growth and
self worth. I can't say enough about how amazing this experience was for me and for everyone who attended. It was pure magic. I can't recommend
Jen's retreats enough. If it isn't enough for you to know the immense gratitude, self affirmation, joy, kindness, empathy, and awareness you will
receive in her workshops, then know also that you will be surrounded by love, understanding, incredible food, wine, adventures, dance parties,
life changing conversations, yoga, and laughter, not to mention the gorgeous Tuscan landscape and all Italy has to offer! You will leave forever
changed with a very full heart!!!!!! If you're curious about her work or attending a retreat, check out www.themanifeststation.net ❤️❤️

Jessie Sherman, Actress
Tuscany 2016 - Locanda Cugnanello - Radicondoli

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